The most important part of a research lab is the people that make it up, and over the years I've had a chance to work with many talented students across several colleges and universities. You can use the menus above to see current and past students from the Battle Lab, and learn a bit about their projects and where they are now. Below are "Group Photos" from the past several years.

Spring 2021 Battle Lab, featuring a (socially distanced but in person) group photo! From left to right: Helena Wetzel (WU'21), Elizabeth Larson (WU'21), Julia Fecteau (WU'22), Shione Mochizuki (WU'22), Melissa Duncan (WU'24), Sabrina Kloft (WU'23), Juan Hernandez (WU'22) and Miguel Alonso-Rodriguez (WU'21)

Spring 2020 Battle Lab, featuring a (socially distanced) group photo! Top row: Hernán Chávez Avalos (WU'20), Cooper Battle and Helena Wetzel (WU'21); middle row: Juan Hernandez (WU'23), Shione Mochizuki (WU'22) and Estefanía Ramos Torrez (WU'20); bottom row: Elizabeth Larson (WU'21) and Isabel Solano (WU'20).

Spring 2019 Battle Lab, featuring (from left to right) Hernán Chávez Avalos (WU'20), Cooper Battle, Milla Bevens (WU'19), Isabel Solano (WU'20), Mark Power (WU'19) and Elizabeth Larson (WU'21)

Summer 2017 Battle Lab, featuring (from left to right) Francisco Sanchez-Conde (GC'18), Gwen Holtzman (GC'19), Cooper Battle, Emma Olson (GC'19) and Allison Brink (GC'19)

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