Shione Mochizuki

Shione is a third-year student from Waikoloa, Hawaii and is pursuing a Chemistry major.

Shione first joined the Battle Lab in Fall 2019 in her second year, and was awarded a Webber Scholarship to continue her work in the lab over the Summer of 2020, during which she worked on a remote project (due to COVID-19) to put together a literature review of work studying the effects of cations on g-quadruplex structure. This led to a poster on campus at the 25th annual Summer Collaborative Research Program Fall Symposium, and Shione was selected to give a virtual poster presentation at the Murdock College Science Research Conference in November 2020 titled "Cation Effects on G-Quadruplex Stability".

Shione's current work in the lab is looking at the effects of cations (Li+, Na+ & K+) on the stability of several different comparative quadruplex and duplex structures using thermal denaturation analysis.

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